Official Information Act responses about Administration

Response date Subject of the request Response
21/03/2024 Secondary briefings provided to the Minister for Māori Development and the Minister for Whānau Ora since 27 November 2023 OIA response 48261 PDF (128KB)
20/03/2024 Briefings or correspondence sent to the Minister to support conversations with lobbying groups OIA response 48300 PDF (238KB)
15/03/2024 Advice relating to Māori interests in radio spectrum OIA response 48091 PDF (3.8MB)
22/02/2024 Correspondence and advice relating to fiscal savings for 2024/25 financial year from 20 November 2023 OIA response 48102 PDF (1.2MB)
19/02/2024 Te Puni Kōkiri Information and Communications Technology roles OIA response 48090 PDF (1,020KB)
16/02/2024 Updates to the Government Department Strategies Index to 31 December 2023 OIA response 48116 PDF (254KB)
13/02/2024 Emails sent to Te Puni Kōkiri nomination service database (Te Pae Ārahi) members from 1 January 2023 to 12 January 2024 OIA response 48056 PDF (2.1MB)
12/02/2024 List of Māori Warden groups registered under the Māori Community Development Act 1962 OIA response 48044 PDF (777KB)
12/02/2024 Vote Māori Development information for the past 10 years OIA response 48064 PDF (246KB)
7/02/2024 Advice provided by Te Puni Kōkiri to the Minister for Māori Development on repealing the Smokefree legislation OIA response 48048 PDF (1.9MB)
26/01/2024 Nominations to Te Māori Manaaki Taonga Trust OIA request 47993 PDF (125KB)
26/01/2024 Te Puni Kōkiri Christmas bonuses, expenditure and office closure OIA request 47959 PDF (220KB)
23/01/2024 Directions from Minister/Ministers Office regarding style preferences OIA request 47974 PDF (261KB)
19/01/2024 Te Puni Kōkiri process for drafting section 8I reports OIA request 47900 PDF (16.3MB)
18/01/2024 Communications regarding use of te reo Māori and Te Tiriti o Waitangi OIA response 47994 PDF (866KB)
15/01/2024 Emails sent/received regarding National Māori Action Day and staff guidance on political neutrality OIA response 47948 PDF (6.2MB)
6/12/2023 Information relating to Wai 52 claim and an individual
11/12/2023 Information relating to the operation of the Māori Reserved Land Act 1955 since 2017 OIA response 47909 PDF (155KB)
4/12/2023 Cabinet papers and proposed legislation amending the Conservation Act, National Parks Act or the Crown Minerals Act to further limit mining on Public Conservation Land since January 2023 OIA Response 47897 PDF (78KB)
5/12/2023 Information relating to the Ruapehu Alpine Lifts and/or the Whakapapa or Tūroa ski fields OIA response 47906 PDF (151KB)
20/11/2023 Te Matapaeroa 2020 report - further information on types of Māori Agricultural businesses OIA response 47883 PDF (142KB)
20/11/2023 Te Puni Kōkiri policies and procedures relating to parental leave OIA response 47902 PDF (1.8MB)
17/11/2023 Te Puni Kōkiri nomination process, number of registered people, successful nominations in the past two years OIA response 47884 PDF (178KB)
15/11/2023 Te Puni Kōkiri diversity, rainbow or inclusivity training for the past four years OIA response 47878 PDF (322KB)
14/11/2023 Copy of Te Puni Kōkiri’s organisational chart for tier one to four OIA response 47893 PDF (125KB)
20/12/2023 Use of vehicles, taxis, and ride-sharing apps OIA response 47913 PDF (153KB)
11/12/2023 Advice and communications on the use of te reo Māori since 13 October 2023 OIA response 47915 PDF (124KB)
27/10/2023 Warrants pending renewal for Wātene Māori OIA response 47857 PDF (186KB)
12/10/2023 Complaints about the 2018 and 2021 NZ Māori Council triennial elections OIA response 47803 PDF (1.5MB)
6/10/2023 Muaūpoko mandate strategy OIA response 47797 PDF (6.4MB)
5/10/2023 Policies and guidelines on flexible working arrangements and reasonable accommodations for disabled employees OIA response 47787 PDF (1.2MB)
28/09/2023 Providers delivering housing repairs on behalf of Te Puni Kōkiri in Auckland for the 2023/24 financial year OIA response 47794 PDF (176KB)
15/09/2023 Copy of request for details of current Māori Wardens and the name of the requester OIA response 47698 PDF (137KB)
15/09/2023 Name of organisation or individual requesting details of current Māori Wardens OIA response 47726 PDF (128KB)
31/10/2023 Consultation and decision documents relating to Te Puni Kōkiri restructures between 1 July 2016 - 30 June 2021 OIA 47781 PDF (28.3MB)
7/09/2023 List of events held/hosted by Te Puni Kōkiri in excess of $10,000 over past year OIA response 47650 PDF (617KB)
17/01/2022 Te Puni Kōkiri Carbon Emissions TPK Carbon Emissions PDF (932KB)
10/01/2022 Government Department Strategies Government Department Strategies PDF (879KB)
14/12/2021 Whānau Ora Commissioning Agencies’ involvement in vaccination campaign COVID-19 PDF (6.6MB)
14/12/2021 Māori Communities COVID-19 Fund COVID-19 PDF (383KB)
24/09/2021 Whānau Ora funding during Covid-19 response Response - Whānau Ora PDF (245KB)
22/09/2021 Official Information Act response statistics Response letter PDF (352KB)
5/08/2021 Advice to the Minister related to Te Pae Tawhiti: Wai 262 Response PDF (10.1MB)
24/06/2021 Te Puni Kōkiri responsibilities under the Ministry of Māori Development Act 1991 Response letter PDF (152KB)
15/03/2021 Documents related to the COVID-19 response and recovery Response letter PDF (9.0MB)
18/03/2021 OIA Statistics OIA Statistics PDF (120KB)
27/11/2020 Lake Omapere OIA Response - Lake Omapere PDF (3.1MB)
23/09/2020 Taxpayers Union Information Tax payers union information PDF (48KB)
19/08/2020 Nominations service Nomination Service PDF (266KB)
15/07/2020 Greenhouse gas emissions Greenhouse gas emissions PDF (63KB)
24/06/2020 Māori COVID-19 response Māori COVID-19 response PDF (2.0MB)
15/06/2020 Ngati Manuhiri hui notes Ngati Manuhiri hui notes PDF (2.7MB)
15/06/2020 Māori Land Court records on microfiche Māori Land Court records on microfiche PDF (116KB)
13/11/2019 Ngāpuhi Treaty settlement negotiations Ngāpuhi Treaty settlement negotiations.pdf PDF (5.3MB)
18/10/2019 Suicide research Kia Piki Te Ora O Te Taitamariki OIA 40188 - suicide research - Kia Piki Te Ora O Te Taitamariki.pdf PDF (2.7MB)
2/10/2019 Whānau Ora Commissioning Agencies – Budget Confirmation Letters OIA for publication - Whānau Ora Commissioning Agencies - Budget Confirmation Letters.pdf PDF (1.7MB)
2/08/2019 Staff Leave Entitlements OIA for publication - staff leave entitlements.pdf PDF (88KB)
5/07/2019 Staff Diversity OIA for publication - staff diversity.pdf PDF (127KB)
11/03/2019 Records and information management policies OIA Response 11 March 2019 - Records and information management policies PDF (4.0MB)
11/03/2019 Cost of responding to OIA requests OIA Response - Cost of responding to OIA requests PDF (60KB)
28/01/2019 Te Hikutu cluster hui OIA Response 28 January 2019 - Te Hikutu cluster PDF (1.3MB)
8/10/2018 Budget 2018 – Vote Māori Development OIA response 8 October 2018 Budget 2018 – Vote Māori Development PDF (1.2MB)
21/09/2018 Hold music OIA response 21 September 2018 Hold music PDF (59KB)
23/08/2018 Copy of 1991 Cabinet minute re Māori Broadcasting OIA response 23 August 2018 Copy of 1991 Cabinet minute re Maori Broadcasting PDF (584KB)
25/06/2018 Official Information data OIA response 25 June 2018 OIA data PDF (104KB)
30/05/2018 Information created for Chief Executive appearing at the Māori Affairs Select Committee Annual Review on 14 February 2018 OIA response 30 May 2018 Information created for Chief Executive appearing at the Māori Affairs Select Committee Annual Review on 14 February 2018 PDF (6.9MB)
10/04/2018 WannaCry ransomware attack OIA response 10 April 2018 WannaCry ransomware attack PDF (57KB)
28/03/2018 Briefings to the Minister OIA response 28 March 2018 Briefings to the Minister PDF (98KB)
28/11/2017 OIA Processes OIA response 28 November OIA process survey PDF (198KB)