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Working with partner agencies to ensure whānau have access to healthy homes with stable tenure and have opportunities for home ownership and investment.

We will advise when applications open for 2024-25

Last updated: Rāhina, 08 Hōngongoi, 2024 | Monday, 8 July 2024

Te Puni Kōkiri Housing Fund 

  • Te Puni Kōkiri has allocated its available funding for supporting new homes and papakāinga for this financial year (up to end of June 2024). 
  • Demand for this funding continues to exceed the available putea, and we have a significant pipeline of projects seeking Māori Housing funding.  
  • Whānau are still able to develop and submit applications for Infrastructure and Construction grants for new housing projects, however, these will not be considered until July 2024. 

What can be done between now and July 2024?  

  • If whānau own whenua Māori where they would like to develop a papakāinga, there are many steps that must be taken before applying for Māori Housing funding.  
  • As identified below, the initial stages of developing a papakāinga involve whānau planning, research, and due diligence and feasibility.  For more information, check out ‘A Guide to Papakāinga and the ‘Papakāinga web series’ 
  • Many of these activities are free/low-cost and must be undertaken before your project will be considered for funding.    
  • In preparation for the re-opening of the funding allocation in July 2024, we encourage whānau to undertake these necessary steps. 
  • To support whānau to achieve their future housing aspirations, we also encourage undertaking a Sorted Kāinga Programme to help build financial capability.  You can read more about the Financial Capability programme here. 
  • Upon receiving your application, each project is carefully considered to ensure it meets the eligibility and funding criteria as well as provides the appropriate documentation to demonstrate project readiness. Applying for funding does not guarantee that your funding request will be approved. 

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