Te Piringa: Whānau-Centred Primary Health Care

  • Published: 03 Mahuru 2020

Te Piringa is the name of an independent body of research that provides key recommendations and findings about using a whānau-centred approach to primary health care services.

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Whānau-centred approaches to address family violence

  • Published: 11 Mahuru 2019

Family violence disproportionately affects Māori, with Māori being more than twice as likely to experience it than other New Zealanders.

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Māori Family Violence Infographic

  • Published: 28 Pipiri 2017

This resource introduces a set of indicators collated from a range of agencies which show that the impact of Māori family violence extends beyond the whānau and has a high social and financial cost to society. The infographic was developed in 2017 for a wider discussion on family violence and uses data from the period 2009-2012. There may be more recent information available from other sources including

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