Project Overviews

Since the Whenua Māori Fund was launched in February 2016, Māori land owners and trustees around the country have received funding to improve their existing operations, diversity or prepare for new opportunities on their whenua.

You can view the Project Overviews of the Whenua Māori Fund recipients below.

Last updated: Monday, 4 July 2022 | Rāhina, 04 Hōngongoi, 2022

Organic Farmed Ginseng
Maraeroa C has approximately 25 ha to test if the farming of organic ginseng is an ideal and viable crop for small landholders. This project seeks to trial the growing of organic farmed ginseng and marketing of this product to China.

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Whenua Concept Plan
This project seeks to develop a staged overall masterplan/vision for the future of Rewarewa D - the whenua concept plan. This document will be a taonga for shareholders and will guide the development activities of the management committee over the coming years.

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Paroa Trust
Investigation into other land use options such as kiwifruit, kumara, hops and viticulture has occurred. This project seeks to build on earlier investigations by establishing a trial of hop growing on Paroa Station by diversifying current operations and utilising an 8 hectare block for the cultivation of hops used in the production of craft beer.

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Te Kaha Gold Nursery
Te Kaha Gold Nursery (Ngā Kākano a Teipo) is a two-stage project to develop a small-scale nursery to grow kiwifruit root stock which will inform a feasibility study and business case for development of a larger scale nursery.

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Road to Increased Productivity
This project seeks to build the capabilities of the Trustees and provide information to make well-informed decisions on how to improve current farm performance.

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Moving Forward
This project seeks to develop a strategic plan for the next 25 to re-gear the current farming and forestry operations to increase profitability as well as investigating new and emerging business opportunities.

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Mānuka Honey Project
This project will investigate the viability of producing mānuka honey on a coastal Māori land block. The results from this project will enable other long term opportunities to be considered..

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Looking to the Future
This project seeks to investigate alternative high yield opportunities in the tourist accommodation market, eco-tourism and adventure tourism opportunities as well as high yield food production plant opportunities.

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K2 block - exploring development opportunities
This project seeks to utilise expert advice to investigate three main focus areas that have been identified so far for Ngā Wariki Ki Uta and the K2 block on the feasibility of the following specific development projects: honey business, forestry (or other carbon credit farming opportunities) and horticulture.

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Geothermal Power Project - The Proprietors of Taheke 8C & Adjoining Blocks Incorporation
This project seeks to investigate alternative high yield opportunities in the tourist accommodation market, eco-tourism and adventure tourism opportunities as well as high yield food production plant opportunities.

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Reureu Kotahitanga Project
The long-term aspiration for this project is to bring 1,000ha across multiple land blocks into production.

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Kiwi Spotting – Rakiura Māori Lands Trust
This project seeks to assess the opportunity of a joint tourism venture which will enhance the cultural, economic and environmental wellbeing of its land owners and the local community.

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Te Tuituinga Whakamua - Tupoki Takarangi Trust
Tupoki Takarangi Trust in Te Taihauāuru region with the support of $75,000 from the Whenua Māori Fund are investigating options for their three blocks.

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Exploring horticulture – Ohuia Incorporation
Ohuia Incorporation in the Ikaroa – Rāwhiri region with 300ha of Māori freehold land is exploring their horticulture options.

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Seeking alternatives – Chadwick Family Trust
While based in Ikaroa-Rāwhiti region, the Chadwick Family Trust were succesful in securing $43,200 from the Whenua Māori Fund for their forestry block located in the Te Taihauāuru region.

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Precision Apiculture - Awatere B Trust
This project seeks support to development a Land Use Management and Information tool that will identify existing Mānuka stands, hive management and honey flow.

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Tihoi No.6 Land Productivity Project - Te Kohera-Kakaho Trust
The long-term aspiration for this project is to develop unused land, improve business capability and move from passive owners to active managers of our land.

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Collective Land Growth Project - Oparau Station Trust
The long-term aspiration for this project is to increase the potential of collectively owned Māori land through the transformation of under-performing and under-utilised Māori land resources.

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Ngā Ngāhere Momona - Taitokerau Māori Forestry Collective Incorporated
This collective seeks to increase the productive use of Māori-owned assets and increase employment and skills in the region by trialing a prototype that attracts new investors through a secured supply.

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