Privacy provisions

Last updated: Monday, 4 July 2022 | Rāhina, 04 Hōngongoi, 2022

Te Puni Kōkiri identifies suitable candidates to be considered for nomination to state sector boards and committees. This includes positions on trusts, commissions, councils, tribunals and quasi-judicial bodies, review teams, reference groups, task forces, and unique roles where specific expertise is sought. Te Puni Kōkiri occasionally receives requests from outside the state sector as well.

Te Puni Kōkiri uses the personal information from your Curriculum Vitae (CV) to match your skills and experience against the requests we receive for candidates.

Your personal information will be stored securely by Te Puni Kōkiri. Under the Privacy Act 2020 (the Privacy Act) you are entitled to access and correct any personal information Te Puni Kōkiri holds about you. We encourage you to update your personal information every 12 months or if you have taken on or ceased a role. Your records will only be held for 12 month from initial registration to the database unless you update these regularly. At any time you can advise Te Puni Kōkiri you no longer wish to be considered for appointment, Te Puni Kōkiri will delete your personal information from our database.

Te Puni Kōkiri may also pass on your personal information to third parties so that you can be considered for a board vacancy appointment. In the course of nominating you for suitable positions, your CV and personal details that you supplied to Te Puni Kōkiri, may be disclosed to Ministers of the Crown, and their offices, ministries and departments when candidates are being considered for appointments, or may be considered for appointment.

Once any personal information has been transferred by Te Puni Kōkiri to another agency, company or organisation, the responsibility is on the agency, company or organisation receiving the information to hold the information and maintain it in a manner that complies with the Privacy Act. If you have any questions or concerns about how your personal information may be collected, used, or stored by Te Puni Kōkiri, please call the Te Puni Kōkiri Nominations Team on 0800 875 663 or