Te Matapaeroa

Te Matapaeroa is our data and insights series about Māori-owned businesses, Māori sole traders and significant employers of Māori. Te Matapaeroa 2021 is the third iteration in this series.

Last updated: Monday, 11 March 2024 | Rāhina, 11 Poutūterangi, 2024

About Te Matapaeroa

The data and insights from Te Matapaeroa are an important and valuable resource for a range of audiences including Māori business networks, policy makers, and decision makers considering how best to support and build Māori enterprise and the Māori economy. This data can also help Māori businesses themselves, their networks and those providing business advisory services to Māori.  

As Te Puni Kōkiri is increasing its data capability, the research for Te Matapaeroa 2021 was conducted in-house for the first time. With the support and expert advice of Richard Fabling from the Productivity Commission, we reviewed our methodology and improved the data and insights in the Te Matapaeroa series.

Te Matapaeroa 2021 

Te Matapaeroa 2021 is the third iteration of Te Matapaeroa, named for the addition of data from the 2021 financial year (the most up-to-date data available at the time of publishing).

Te Matapaeroa 2021 was carried out with changes made to the methodology used to identify and count Māori-owned enterprise, and the data and insights from this iteration replaces those previously published in the Te Matapaeroa series.

  • Te Matapaeroa 2021: data on the Māori economy: An introduction to the series which includes details about methodology changes  [PDF 298KB}
  • Interactive data visualisation: To explore and experience Te Matapaeroa data  
  • Data tables: Showing key characteristics for Māori-owned businesses, sole traders, and significant employers of Māori  
  • Te Matapaeroa Methodology: Details of the methodology we used to create our dataset. 
  • Machine-readable dataset:
    • Four-way bundle: Large machine readable dataset containing counts of businesses by Māori-ownership, significant employment, ANZSIC L1 industry and Regional Council
    • Two-way bundle: Machine readable dataset containing counts of businesses by ownership and a selection of secondary variables

Te Matapaeroa 2020

Te Matapaeroa 2020 extended the work of Te Matapaeroa 2019, adding the 2020 financial year and extending the data back to 2010, creating capability for longitudinal insights into Māori enterprise.

Te Matapaeroa 2020 is now superseded by the 2021 iteration.

Te Matapaeroa 2019

Te Matapaeroa 2019 was the first iteration of Te Matapaeroa, establishing a national count of Māori-owned businesses for the first time, focusing on regional and sector insights for the 2019 financial year.

Te Matapaeroa 2019 is now superseded by the 2021 iteration.