Official Information Act responses about Expenditure

Response date Subject of the request Response
27/02/2024 Communications relating to fiscal savings and potential restructures from August 2023 OIA response 48109 PDF (1.4MB)
8/01/2024 Te Puni Kōkiri spend on branding/logo and development/upkeep of website since 2017 OIA response 47921 PDF (186KB)
5/10/2023 Funding allocated for the development of te reo Māori since 2020 OIA response 47798 PDF (136KB)
4/10/2023 Māori Warden funding by regional groups for the past 17 years OIA response 47782 PDF (867KB)
2/10/2023 Breakdown of all payments made to Johnny McGregor and Tania Te Whenua - last 3 years OIA response 47835 PDF (132KB)
25/09/2023 Te Puni Kōkiri koha/donations from October 2020 to August 2023 OIA response 47741 PDF (219KB)
31/10/2023 Loan documents - Corcoran Road, RD 5, Te Pahu OIA 47846 PDF (143KB)
11/09/2023 Te Puni Kōkiri spend on staff functions for the last five years OIA 47671 response PDF (402KB)
23/10/2020 Housing repairs – Te Rūnanganui o Te Atiawa ki Te Upoko o Te Ika a Maui Housing repairs – Te Rūnanganui o Te Atiawa ki Te Upoko o Te Ika a Maui PDF (150KB)
15/06/2020 Covid-19 funding Covid-19 funding PDF (480KB)
30/10/2019 Spending on events that commemorate the land wars OIA for publication - spending on events that commemorate the NZ land wars.pdf PDF (50KB)
10/09/2019 Psychometric Testing OIA Response 10 Sep 2019 Psychometric Testing PDF (82KB)
17/06/2019 Social media influencers OIA response 17 June 2019 Social media influencers.pdf PDF (87KB)
17/06/2019 For Future's Sake - Māori voter participation OIA response 17 June 2019 For Future's Sake - Māori voter participation.pdf PDF (2.1MB)
11/03/2019 Cost of responding to OIA requests OIA Response - Cost of responding to OIA requests PDF (60KB)
20/02/2019 Advertising Expenditure OIA Response 20 February 2019 Advertising Expenditure PDF (114KB)
7/08/2018 External Security Consultants Response to State Services Commission Inquiry into the Use of External Security Consultants 7 August 2018 PDF (40KB)
26/11/2018 Koru Club Membership OIA Response Koru Club Membership 26 November 2018 PDF (67KB)
30/10/2018 Ngāpuhi Treaty Settlement Claim process tpk-oia37991-2018.pdf PDF (259KB)
16/10/2018 Māori Warden Project OIA Response 16 October 2018 - Māori Warden Project.pdf PDF (687KB)
10/07/2018 Thompson & Clark Investigations Ltd OIA response 10 July 2018 Thompson & Clark Investigations Ltd PDF (59KB)
21/06/2018 Allied Workforce Limited OIA response 21 June 2018 Funding provided to Allied Workforce Limited PDF (61KB)
16/02/2018 Cost of Annual Reports OIA response 16 February 2018 Te Puni Kōkiri Annual Reports PDF (676KB)
15/01/2018 Māori Digital Technology Fund applications and expenditure OIA response 15 January 2018 Māori Digital Technology Development Fund PDF (88KB)
14/12/2017 Auckland region expenditure OIA Response 14 December 2017 Auckland Region expenditure PDF (482KB)
17/10/2017 Alcohol purchases OIA response 17 October 2017 alcohol purchases PDF (95KB)