Prime Minister meets with Māori Wardens

The Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern along with other ministerial colleagues met with the Māori Wardens a day before Waitangi at their annual hui.

Published: Friday, 7 February 2020 | Rāmere, 07 Huitanguru, 2020

Prime Minister Ardern spoke about the legislative framework for the Māori Wardens which would bring them more autonomy. She assured the group that her Government is aware of the Wardens’ commitment to their motto “Aroha ki te tangata (For the love of the people) and she remains dedicated to working with the Māori wardens to entrench their philosophy.

“Your foundations, your brand, your identity, the training work you do, Māori Wardens as an entity,” she says, “I’m really proud to support to fulfil that vision.”

Talking about the number of Māori wardens, which sits now at 900, she expressed surprise at how few Wardens there are considering their impact.

“I feel like the number is so much bigger than that, because I see you everywhere,” she says. “You do so much.”