Statement of Intent 2013 - 2016

Towards Outcomes: How we will measure progress and performance

He Ara Whakamua

    Measure Initial State Current Trend
Crown-Māori Relationships Iwi with completed settlements

Target: all settlements completed by 2014
117% (1997-2008) 33% (2011)  
Number of registered contemporary claims from PSGEs New measure New measure  
Participation Proportion of Māori MPs      
  57.6% (2002) 58.2% (2011)
  15.8% (2002)  16.5% (2011)


    Measure Target Baseline
Impact Measures Promotion of Māori perspectives across local and central government  Ministerial decision-making on key relevant issues has been informed by our advice 100% New measure
Support of the progress and durability of Treaty settlements Claimant groups progress through the settlements process following mandate and ratification decisions 100% New measure
Co-ordination of Whole of Government Settlement Accords Number of Accord formal compliance complaints. 0 New measure
Compliance with requirements of Māori Affairs Accords 100% New measure

Whāinga ki Mua

    Measure Initial State Current Trend
Outcome Indicators  Language  Increased Te Reo speakers.  Target: 51% by 2028 25.2%  [2001]  23.7%  [2006]
   Iwi affiliation  Increased level of affiliation with iwi  75.2% [2001]  79.5%   [2006]
   Marae  Increased engagement with marae  New measure in Māori Social Survey 2013


    Measure Target Baseline
Impact Measures Language and culture Uptake of Māori language radio and television programmes 37% radio
70% TV
 35% radio
    Perceived increased Māori language acquisition and use following participation in programmes, services and events 75% 75%
  Active Māori leadership Across key cultural heritage domains there is an enabling environment for more Māori leadership At least 2 domains New measure
  Cultural and collective held estates  Iwi and hapū are able to be more actively engaged with natural resources as a result of significant new mechanisms that provide for their interests At least 2 mechanisms New measure
    Self-reported strength of connection to Tūrangawaewae New measure New measure
    Satisfaction of iwi resource managers with their relationship with local council 45% 42%
  Consideration of iwi and hapū perspectives Ministerial decision-making on key relevant issues has been informed by our advice 100% New measure

Ōranga ā mua


   Measure  Initial State Current Trend
Māori report that they are satisfied or very satisfied with their life Increased life satisfaction 81.5%
83.4% (2010)
Māori live longer Increased life expectancy 71.6 years (2000-2) 74.7 years (2010-12)
More Māori are employed  Increased Māori employment rate 58.2% (Dec 2002) 55.2% (Dec 2012)
Fewer Māori households live in poverty Decreased Māori households in bottom income quintile 24.3% (2002) 25.1% (2010)
Māori education outcomes are increasing  Increased Māori with a post-school qualification 21.2% (2001) 27.9% (2006)  ↑
Improved financial performance of Māori enterprises A new tier one statistic to measure the financial performance of Māori enterprises is under development. Date of entry: 2014


    Measure Target Baseline
  Evidence on contribution of whānau-centred approaches to improving whānau outcomes Whānau Ora collectives report on Whānaucentred approaches and its impact on whānau transformation   90% New measure
Engaged whānau are taking steps to improve their outcomes At least 65% New measure
   Community-based service transformation  Providers have transformed to provide whānau-centred approaches  90% New measure
  Increased collaboration Lead sector agencies participating in Whānau Ora nationally and regionally At least 1 new sector New Measure
  Consideration of Māori needs and aspirations in social and economic policy development Ministerial decision-making on key social and economic policy issues has been informed by our advice 100% New measure
  Good public service measurement and reporting on Māori outcomes Sector ministers and agencies are informed of opportunities for improved engagement, planning, service delivery and performance reporting for Māori At least 5 opportunities New measure
  Evidence of good practice of trial initiatives Reports from trial initiatives detailing good practice are produced and disseminated 100% of evaluation reports and good practice guidance New measure