Official Information Act responses about Employment

Response date Subject of the request Response
2/10/2023 Appointment to the Independent Māori Statutory Board (IMSB) OIA response 47780 PDF (148KB)
20/09/2023 Warrant status for three Māori Wardens OIA response 47699 PDF (238KB)
9/11/2021 Staff Complaints OIA - Staff complaints PDF (2.7MB)
8/11/2021 Flexible working policy OIA-Flexible working policy PDF (1.9MB)
27/08/2020 Staff ethnicity Staff Ethnicity PDF (686KB)
23/10/2019 Renumeration OIA 40476 for publication - remuneration.pdf PDF (46KB)
19/09/2019 Private Secretaries policy OIA response #40020 Private Secretaries policy.pdf PDF (63KB)
23/08/2018 Policy staff OIA response 23 August 2018 Policy staff PDF (77KB)
13/08/2018 Legal Staff OIA response 13 August 2018 Legal staff PDF (136KB)
16/05/2018 Number of staff currently suspended on full pay OIA response 16 May 2018 Number of staff currently suspended on full pay PDF (50KB)
12/10/2017 Salary and gender OIA response 7 Sep 2017 salary and gender PDF (91KB)