Te Pū Harakeke Fund

Te Pū Harakeke supports Māori to host community projects and events, including Matariki and developing Māra Kai.

We have made changes to our Te Pū Harakeke Fund that will improve the application process. Te Pū Harakeke – Application form, guidelines and information [Word 675KB]

Last updated: Friday, 24 May 2024 | Rāmere, 24 Haratua, 2024

Changes to Te Pū Harakeke

From 18 February 2019, kaitono will self-declare their financial status and will agree to terms and conditions in the application form, rather than being required to sign a funding agreement. The terms and conditions will form a binding agreement if the funding request is successful.

The purpose and outcomes of Te Pū Harakeke

Te Pū Harakeke provides support to deliver events and projects at a local community level. The Te Pū Harakeke is split into three specific purposes:

Māra Kai: Funding for Māori to learn about and experience the hands on practicalities of growing and producing sustainable crops. Māra Kai provides financial assistance to organisations wanting to set up sustainable community garden projects.

Matariki Celebrations: Funding for Māori to participate in or hold Matariki celebrations and education programmes. This fund provides one-off financial contributions to organisations towards Matariki celebratory events and activities. Events funded through the Matariki must be held within the broad timetable of Matariki each year. Events outside of this time or purpose are not eligible.

Sponsorship: Funding for Māori to achieve their potential through participation and involvement in events and projects. Sponsorship provides one-off financial assistance for community events and activities that contribute to Māori development.

Note: that this funding is intended to be a contribution only and cannot be used to fund the total cost of the project.

What we will fund

  Purpose What is funded
Māra Kai
  • Promotion of self-sufficiency (rangatiratānga) through the planting growing and harvesting of edible crops
  • Promotion of wellbeing, good nutrition, and healthy activity (oranga) through knowledge and activity
  • Promotion of sharing of gardening knowledge, including customary techniques (kaitiakitānga and mātauranga) through mentoring, education and practical participation
  • Encourage involvement and community cooperation (whanaungatānga)

Funding can be used to support the provision of services to enable the establishment of a garden, namely:

  • the facilities and structures for a garden, including the construction of garden beds and implements sheds
  • the purchase of garden tools, composting equipment and seed
  • education on gardening practices for group members
  • Sharing of knowledge of Matariki, including the mythology and modern day translation (mātauranga)
  • Creation of a learning environment for whānau Māori and embraces other cultures and nationalities (whanaungatānga)
  • Provision of opportunity to participate in practical learning experiences, learning tools and trade of tupuna (mātauranga)
Funding can be used to support the provision of services to enable the delivery of an event highlighting and celebrating Matariki
  • The provision of services to enable the delivery of an event or to enable the attendance at an event
Funding can be used to support the provision of services to enable the delivery of an event or to enable the attendance at an event

Funding cannot be used for:

  • Retrospective events and activities
  • Consultant costs, event management costs
  • International travel and accommodation
  • Medical bills
  • Legal costs
  • Payment of existing debts
  • Business ventures
  • Items of a capital nature including buildings and vehicles
  • Events that have a political component or purpose
  • Administration costs * Exceptions made for Matariki and Sponsorship (the following administration costs will be considered; telecommunications, advertising, facilitator/coordinator, venue, kai costs, training and development and contractors)