Annual Report for the Year Ended 30 June 2007

Corporate Statements

Government priorities and directions form the immediate drivers of our work, but we must also frame an identity for ourselves. This is captured in the following manner:

Our Strategic Outcome is Māori succeeding as Māori.

By this we seek the success of Māori as New Zealanders, global citizens, and as Māori, secure, confident and expert in their culture.

Our Role is Principal adviser on government-Māori relationships.

In this role we are superbly equipped by our regional network and by our character as a consciously Māori organisation – a place in the government where Māori may feel at home. Our aim is to be the leader of policy for Māori, most especially where Māori culture is concerned.

Our Purpose we define as Realising Māori Potential.

The concept of Māori potential is a powerful motivator for all our staff. In practice it means emphasising and finding ways to lever off everything which is positive about Māori. Amid the many negative accounts and statistics, we regard it as imperative that Te Puni Kōkiri acknowledges and builds on Māori aspirations, potential and achievement; this locates us in the policy community.