Mōkai Pātea Deed of Mandate

Te Arawhiti invites submissions, views or inquiries concerning the draft Deed of Mandate Strategy by which the Mōkai Pātea Waitangi Claims Trust (MPWCT) will seek a mandate for the settlement negotiations of the historical Treaty claims of the Mōkai Pātea Large Natural Group.

Published: Wednesday, 13 May 2020 | Rāapa, 13 Haratua, 2020

Submissions must reach Te Arawhiti no later than 5:00pm Monday 15 June 2020 and can be mailed to the Negotiation and Settlement Manager, Te Hauāuru, Office of Treaty Settlements, SX 10111, Wellington; or emailed to Submissions@tearawhiti.govt.nz. All submissions will be provided to MPWCT and will be subject to the Official Information Act 1982.

MPWCT’s dDOM is a development of MPWCT’s Mandate Strategy published on 25 May 2019. Key changes include: expanded section A (History); new Section B (claimant definition); new section J (issues raised during mandate process); new section K (description of voting process); updated section L (dispute resolution and withdrawal process), and, additional appendices including a MPWCT Trust Communication Strategy and Marae Engagement Strategy.

Mōkai Pātea Claimant Community

MPWCT is seeking a mandate to represent all persons who descend from Tamateapokaiwhenua and who affiliate to one or more of the following tribal groups and their respective whanau and hapū: Ngāi Te Ohuake, Ngāti Hauiti, Ngāti Whitikaupeka, Ngāti Tamakōpiri.

Mōkai Pātea Nui Tonu is the collective group composed of individuals who descend, and each individual who descends, from an ancestor of Mōkai Pātea Nui Tonu and includes every whānau, hapū, or collective group to the extent that it is composed of those individuals, including the following: Ngāti Hauiti, Ngāti Whitikaupeka, Ngāti Tamakōpiri, Ngāi Te Ohuake, Ngāti Hinemanu, Ngāti Paki, Ngāti Hau; Ngāti Tamakorako; Ngāti Honomokai, Ngāi Te Upokoiri: Ngāi Te Upokoiri (II), Ngāi Te Ngāruru, Ngāi Te Ngahoa, Ngāti Ruaanga, Ngāti Haukaha; Ngāti Tamatereka, Ngāti Hora, Ngāti Tumōkai, Ngāti Hinetio, Ngāti Whiti-Hauiti, Ngāti Rangiwhaiao, Ngāti Whiti Tūturu, Ngāti Whiti-Tama, Ngāi Tautahi, Ngāti Tuope, Ngāti Tamakaiaorangi, Ngāti Hinetai, Ngāti Tamapinea, Rangitoea, Ngāti Tamawhiti, Ngāti Tama Tūturu, Ngāti Te Taenui, Ngāti Tūtakaroa, Ngāti Tamakaitangi and Hikakainga.

Mōkai Pātea Marae

Mōkai Pātea marae include Tahuhu, Rātā, Winiata, Kaiewe, Opaea, Te Riu o Puanga, and Moawhango.

Wai Claims

The Wai claims to be represented in negotiations are all claims, whether registered or unregistered, that arise from Crown actions and omissions that occurred prior to 21 September 1992. The Wai claims are 37^,263^, 378^, 382^, 385*, 400^, 401^, 581*, 588*, 647*, 662*, 933^,1196^, 1632^, 1639*, 1705*, 1835^, 1868*, 1888*, 2091*, and 2157^ (*=settled exclusively, ^=settled insofar as they relate to Mōkai Pātea).

Submissions must reach OTS no later than 5:00pm Monday 15 June 2020.

For further information, and to view the draft Mandate Strategy, please visit the Te Arawhiti website www.govt.nz/treaty-settlement-documents/mokai-patea/ or the MPWCT website www.mokaipateaclaims.maori.nz/draft-deed-of-mandate/.

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