Creative New Zealand Project Funding Changes

Creative New Zealand’s project funding will be more flexible and responsive to the needs of the arts sector from February 2009.

The changes will apply to all project funding including those funds administered by Te Waka Toi, the Māori Arts Board of Creative New Zealand.

The changes are in response to extensive research (Colmar Brunton and international best practice), and feedback from past peer assessors and past applicants.

There will be four funding options – Quick Response Grants, Arts Grants, Arts Investments and Sector Investments. Each fund will respond to the needs of artists and organisations at different stages of their careers or development.

Quick Response Arts Grants: for projects taking up to 12 months/up to $7,500 (Arts Board and Te Waka Toi) and $5,000 (Pacific Arts Committee) – three rounds per year

Arts Grants : for projects taking up to 12 months/up to $65,000 – two rounds per year Arts Investments: for projects taking up to 24 months / longer-term, higher-value support – one round per year Sector Investments: for projects taking up to three years/longer-term, higher-value support – one round per year.

Haniko Te Kurapa, Senior Arts Adviser at Creative New Zealand, says the new funding options enable artists to apply for project funding that best suits their needs.

“Our job is to advise artists and arts organisations on how best to access funding and opportunities. If you have any questions about how the new funding works, either visit our website or contact us directly.”

For more information and closing dates for Creative New Zealand project funding go to or contact Haniko Te Kurapa or 04 473 0182, or Rawiri Waititi or 09 373 3478.