Working for Te Puni Kōkiri

Pānui tēnei i roto i te reo Māori

The koru reaches towards the light, striving for perfection, encouraging new positive beginnings.

Last updated: Thursday, 10 August 2023 | Rāpare, 10 Hereturikōkā, 2023

The koru represents the unfolding of new life; that everything is reborn and continues. It represents renewal and hope for the future. Our working environment is aimed at unleashing the potential of our organisation.

He aha te mea nui?
He aha te mea nui o te ao?
Māku e kī atu
He Tangata, he tangata, he tangata

What is the most important thing?
What is the most important thing in the world?
I will say to you
It is people, It is people, It is people

It is people who embody our organisation’s potential.  We focus on unleashing the potential of our people to provide leadership and to influence the development of initiatives that enable Māori participation and success as Māori.

Organisation environment

We provide an organisation environment where our people will:

  • Value and enjoy being part of a whānau committed to the kaupapa of Māori succeeding as Māori.
  • Be able to develop, perform and contribute to their fullest potential.
  • Be highly valued and rewarded for the contribution they make to Māori success.
  • Enjoy working in an organisation that reflects their values, is a great place to work and actively supports a good work/life balance.


We place a great importance on how we conduct ourselves. We have a set of guiding values that underpin everything we do. To find out more see Our Values.

Employee benefits

Work life balance and wellness

There is more to life than just work and we encourage our staff to maintain the right balance between work and personal pursuits. We recognise that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce and we provide opportunities and incentives for staff to look after themselves:

  • Optical allowance
  • Fitness allowance
  • Medical insurance allowance
  • Flexible hours where appropriate
  • Work life balance leave
  • Wellness / flu vaccinations initiatives
  • Employee Assistance Programme Services

Learning and development

For our people to develop, perform and contribute to their fullest potential, we:

  • Encourage staff development and career planning
  • Provide study assistance
  • Provide in-house Te Reo Māori training
  • Have a Te Reo Māori proficiency allowance
  • Having a Learning and Development intranet site

Financial security

As a public sector agency our people have access to:

  • The State Sector Retirement Savings Scheme
  • Kiwi saver

Whānau friendly

Recognising that your Whanau is as important as you, we:

  • Recognise that you bring more than just yourself to work
  • Provide enhanced parental leave provisions
  • Have a childcare allowance

Māori kaupapa

To deepen our cultural capability we:

  • Are an organisation committed to Tikanga and Te Reo Māori
  • Provide Te Reo Māori courses and allowance
  • Have our own Kapa Haka group

A partnership with the PSA

  • Collective Employment Agreement
  • Committed to a Partnership for Quality