Turning research in to changes for whānau

The Social Policies, Evaluation and Research Unit (formerly known as the Families Commission) has announced the launch of an annual fund of $750,000 to enable researchers to access the latest high quality data regarding families and children in contemporary Aotearoa.


Published: Thursday, 8 December 2016 | Rāpare, 08 Hakihea, 2016

The Superu Children and Families Research Fund has been set up to ensure data gathered through an Auckland University longitudinal study will make a difference for families. The study, called Growing up in New Zealand was launched in 2009 and tracks almost 7000 children and their whānau. It is a comprehensive study which involves questions about the child's family/whanāu, neighbourhood, health and wellbeing, education, development and living in New Zealand. The study is intended to provide evidence that leads to real changes for children and their whānau.


It is expected that research projects supported by the Fund will help those making decisions in the social sector, however, the results will also be of interest to all New Zealanders. Findings from funded projects will be released publicly to further support the development of families and communities through-out the country.


The Fund has a total of $750,000 available each year until 2026 with over 1 million available in the first funding round. The first round opened on December 1 2016 and will close on 28 February 2017. Details of the fund are available at Superu.