Strengthening Māori Media

Last updated: Thursday, 15 December 2022 | Rāpare, 15 Hakihea, 2022

Government is implementing a three-year plan to strengthen the Māori media sector to ensure its ongoing sustainability. The plan, which builds on the Māori Media Sector Shift, includes these key actions:

  • Set clear outcomes, priorities, and a measurement framework for the sector.
  • Improve coordination with wider public media on content commissioning and distribution.
  • Develop a workforce and capability strategy.
  • Invest in the sector as it transitions to a new public media environment.
  • Improve entity arrangements, including considering directly funding Whakaata Māori for content production.
  • Update legislation for Māori media.

Cabinet Paper

The Cabinet paper, agreed by Cabinet in August 2022, provides detail on the key actions to strengthen Māori media.

Cabinet paper – Strengthening the Māori media sector for the future