Third Māori Modernisation Hui

The modernisation of the Māori Wardens was the focus of the third hui held in Wellington last week.

Published: Rāpare, 28 Whiringa ā-rangi, 2019 | Thursday, 28 November 2019

All 16 representatives came together to discuss important issues about the future of the Māori Wardens kaupapa and look at how they could potentially replace the current model.

At the hui the Māori warden representatives shared their aspirations to be more independent and in control of their own affairs; a theme that has remained since the consultation hui.

Amendments to the act were also discussed which looked at the issue of the increasing responsibilities and roles that the Wardens often take on amongst their communities. Not just people called upon as ushers when there is a big hui or event.

Māori Wardens was formally established in early 1990’s to manage the behaviour of Māori under the influence of alcohol.

Their role has now evolved to meet the changing needs of whanau and communities to include supporting the homeless, encouraging rangatahi, providing community reassurance, facilitating hui between whanau and schools, providing event management and security, and facilitating youth at risk programmes.

There were strong and robust discussions around these important roles how these can be facilitated and the relationships across different sectors could be accessed at a national level.

Māori Development Minister Nanaia Mahuta was in attendance as were representatives of the New Zealand Māori Council, Māori Deputy Commissioner Wallace Haumaha and representatives of the New Zealand Police.

The next step for the Māori Wardens modernisation group is to consider recommendations to the Māori Development Minister.

For more information about the group click here.