MCCF Fund fully committed

Te Puni Kōkiri kaimahi are now winding up activity for the $130 million Māori Communities COVID-19 Fund.

Published: Rātū, 14 Pipiri, 2022 | Tuesday, 14 June 2022

The fund is now fully committed among 165 kaitono that are helping close vaccination inequities and build resilience across vulnerable communities. This means the fund is not considering any further proposals.

Kaitono will spend the rest of June completing delivery of various programmes to achieve vaccination uplift, and to build community resilience for whānau, iwi and Māori communities.

Along with our colleagues at Te Arawhiti, we have begun our evaluation work. This involves reviewing the benefits the funding has enabled and identifying any lessons learned for the future.

We are continuing to update the fund’s web page resources, including a full list of contracted kaitono, a range of reports and briefings to Ministers and some great examples of the mahi of our kaitono. We have made a commitment to publish briefing information as part of our general approach to disclosing relevant information that may be of wider interest.

Photo caption: Te Arawa kaimahi working to get their whānau vaccinated.