Te Tumu mō te Pae Tawhiti

Te Pae Tawhiti is the governments work with Māori here and abroad to enable mātauranga Māori and taonga to flourish in accordance with tikanga Māori and create benefits for all of Aotearoa, much of which was covered in the Wai 262 claim.  Te Puni Kōkiri and other government agencies are working together, and alongside Māori, to deliver the Te Pae Tawhiti programme – Te Tumu mō te Pae Tawhiti.

Last updated: Rāapa, 13 Poutūterangi, 2024 | Wednesday, 13 March 2024

Our Te Pae Tawhiti work programme (Te Tumu mō te Pae Tawhiti) includes 11 high priority and broad focus areas, and nine smaller focus areas that are already underway. It seeks to create sustainable economic opportunities based on our unique place in the world, enhance cultural identity, and protect and restore the wellbeing of our environment.

Delivering the work programme will utilise cross-agency collaboration to more clearly fulfil the Wai 262 claim aspirations. The overall work programme is likely to extend over several years as the issues are complex and multifaceted which will require many parts of the public sector to work together.

However, we will continue to work alongside Māori, and government agencies here in Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally, to achieve the improved outcomes for Māori and all of Aotearoa New Zealand, and to ensure the collective and individual rights of Māori as tangata whenua are recognised, protected, supported and invested in.


Priority or Focus Area Lead
Māori-Crown Partnership All government agencies
Sui Generis Intellectual Property Policy and Legal System for mātauranga Māori and other taonga Te Puni Kōkiri
Evaluation Framework to measure outcomes related to mātauranga Māori Te Puni Kōkiri
Development of a Bioprospecting Regime Te Puni Kōkiri
Pōkai Ao and Indigenous Collaboration Arrangements  Te Puni Kōkiri
Continuing to progress kaupapa to revitalise te reo Māori Te Puni Kōkiri
Māori engagement with international instruments and fora

Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade

Exploring Biodiversity Incentives to support Te mana o te Taiao – Aotearoa New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy 2020 Ministry for the Environment
Research, Science and Innovation strengthened approach to mātauranga Māori Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment
Protection and Promotion of key mātauranga Māori collections Department of Internal Affairs
Review of the Wildlife Act 1953 and partial review of the National Parks and Conservation general policies Department of Conservation
National Policy Statement for Fresh Water Management Ministry for the Environment
Review of the Haka Ka Mate Attribution Act Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment
Mātauranga Māori Te Awe Kōtuku Ministry for Culture and Heritage
Plant Variety Rights Act Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment
Aquaculture Strategy and Plan Ministry for Primary Industries
Key actions in Te Mana o te Taiao Department of Conservation
Resource Management Act reform Ministry for the Environment
Māori data governance Statistics NZ
Vision mātauranga Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment