Te Taumata Whakapūmau

Te Taumata Whakapūmau is the original Wai 262 claimants’ representative rōpū. Te Puni Kōkiri is working closely with Te Taumata Whakapūmau in recognition of the kaitiaki role te Taumata Whakapūmau hold.

Last updated: Rāapa, 18 Whiringa ā-nuku, 2023 | Wednesday, 18 October 2023

The claimants vision and aspiration seeks to restore “te tino rangatiratanga o te Iwi Māori in respect of flora and fauna and all of our taonga.” Taonga being those things and values which we treasure, material, non-material, tangible and intangible.

Te Taumata Whakapūmau is coordinating a national engagement strategy (Kanohi Ora). The Wai 262 Kanohi Ora Engagement is connecting local iwi at a national and international level, focusing on the next steps of the claim. In August 2021, a Wai 262 Symposium was held. This was the first hui led by the Wai 262 representative rōpū, which saw 400 people register to attend, 9,600 collective streams and a reach of 15,300 views on social media platforms.

More information is available here - Te Taumata Whakapūmau.