Ngā kaiwhiwhi pūtea o Ka Hao

Find out which initiatives have received Ka Hao funding.

2016/2017 approved Ka Hao Fund applicants as at 30 June 2017.

No. Applicant Short description of initiative Location Amount funded
1 Ariki Creative Building Te Ao Hangarau as incubator of Māori Digital Creative excellence, which offers digital apprenticeships. Christchurch $260,000
2 Online Education Ltd t/a Code Avengers A series of coding boot camps targeting Māori Year 12 & 13 students and Waikato University computer science students. Hamilton $100,000
3 Digital Natives Academy A two-stream programme with one stream focused on the gaming ecosystem, where DNA is launching the first eSports & Game Dev Academy in the Bay of Plenty. The other stream is focused on STEM related programmes and continues to develop computer programming and coding knowledge among whānau, tamariki and rangatahi. Both streams help build digital pathways and prepare industry pipelines for programme participants, as well as wrapping mentoring support, business and entrepreneurial skills, and cultural values around both the individual as well as the whānau. Rotorua $276,456
4 Nige, Dreamweaver. Ltd Produce digital cartoon content in Te Reo Māori, employing Māori animators, effectively giving them good work experience and a start in the animation industry. Rotorua $160,000
5 Enspiral Academy Ltd Extension of Te Uru Rangi Scholarship with additional pastoral care and support for Māori students who enrol in the Enspiral Dev Academy’s 18 week full immersion web development programme, where students learn the tools they need to become web developers and technical entrepreneurs. Wellington $244,000
6 First Tree Growing Ltd Development of a Māori Internet of Things using Weightless. Sensors to collect data for Māori farmers, and build a wireless cell site base station and range of sensors to allow analysis of the data, which will inform assessment of future land-use opportunities for whānau. Palmerston North $178,000
7 Kia Ata Mai Educational Trust An iOS focused app development accelerator programme to provide Māori with industry ready skills in coding, testing, design and marketing of apps. Hamilton $300,000
8 Kidscoin Ltd Parent and child technology workshops, incorporating the KidsCoin leadership programme. Based on the principle that the child will help motivate the parent to learn with them which draws two generations towards a career in digital technology. Auckland $115,000
9 Koi Digital Ltd Development of phase 1 of the Titans of Aotearoa multi-platform action-adventure stealth video game using the history and mythology of Aotearoa. Rotorua $50,000
10 Metia Interactive Ltd Development of Tākaro (game) an online game to teach our rangatahi (young people) to strengthen spatial awareness skills and strategies that will build confidence in STEM subjects through a hands-on, reactive environment. The player will use coding concepts and puzzle solving skills to navigate through each of the levels while learning problem solving skills along the way. Auckland $292,600
11 Ngāti Pahauwera Development Trust Establishing and developing an ICT Computer Club in Wairoa, and then Napier focused on identifying and developing pathways into ICT and the digital economy for Ngāti Pāhauwera, Wairoa, local Māori and residents. The ICT Club focuses on three areas; Coding, Developing Online Businesses and Gaming, Engaging youth through fun, while showing and supporting them along a pathway into a career in digital technology. Wairoa $191,500
12 Nikora Ngaropo Motion & Design Ltd Delivering Young Animators workshops for rangatahi (youth) aged 10-17 to be delivered in 12 rural schools. This initiative establishes a platform to inspire digital literacy through animation. It also provides an opportunity to track our children's technology journey from an early age. Hamilton $112,466
13 Pam Fergusson Charitable Trust t/a OMGTech! OMG Tech! offers workshops and resources to help rangatahi and tamariki be more curious about tech and STEAM. The course covers a broad range of topics in six communities. Auckland $161,125
14 PointCloud Visualisation Ltd Project to carry out 3D scanning and point cloud visualisations of taonga tūturu and marae/wharenui of Iwi and hapū throughout the country. The point cloud visualisation technology allows very quick and accurate (up to 1mm) 3D representations in colour of any physical object. The project provides training and work experience for Māori students in cultural heritage recording/preservation as well as opportunities for Māori to commercialise the technology for use in other sectors such as asset management/infrastructure, forestry, mining, logistics, and insurance. Wellington $105,000
15 Smart Fish Partnership Trialling University of California's C-Stem programme in five South Auckland primary and secondary schools. The programme uses robots to help disadvantaged students in low decile schools to do better in STEM subjects, which are important to developing a career in digital technology. South Auckland $49,200
16 Te Reo Irirangi O Te Hiku O Te Ika Creating language tools that will enable speech recognition and natural language processing of te reo Māori. The project will require the collection of more than 100,000 sentences and 250 hours of Māori language corpus. Once complete, the aim is to provide these language tools to the Māori ICT industry. Kaitaia $250,000
17 Tuia Group Ltd (consortium lead, with partners Touch Media Ltd and KotahiNet Ltd) Human-centred Internet of Things for asset management. Building an open-source public wireless network and community-focused engagement programme across the upper Waikato River area for real-time environmental monitoring, utilising and promotion of the river. An enabling foundation for future projects and job generation in the area of utilising data sensing networks for informed decision-making in the land, water and air space. Waikato $186,000
18 Waiora Pacific Ltd Creating a multi-tenanted technology platform with national reach to enable Iwi, Māori schools and communities to visualise and analyse cultural and environmental data relating to freshwater quality to improve decision-making and influence local outcomes through a citizen science freshwater platform. Kapiti $250,000
19 Whakatōhea Māori Trust Board Te Ihi Ka Roa: Building a Digital Nation is an initiative that is initially focused on building digital technology capability in Ōpōtiki by establishing a Digital Natives Academy in Ōpōtiki to build digital literacy among rangatahi, which will improve their digital skills and help open up the pathways to a career in digital technology.” Ōpōtiki $175,000
20 Whare Hauora Whare Hauora is a charity that teaches communities to build whare sensors that measure temperature and humidity. The sensors discover each other wirelessly, form a mesh network and send their readings to the "gateway" unit, which sends them to the Whare Dashboard. The dashboard tells the resident the temperature and humidity of their rooms and notifies them when those readings fall below home health standards. This initiative is funding further development of the prototype sensor and helping Whare Hauora scale up their operations to provide more whānau with the digital technology skills needed to build and install the sensors, so the programme can reach more communities across the country in the future. Wellington $148,700

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