Official Information Act requests about Funds

Date published Response date Request topic Download/view pdf
20/02/2019 20/02/2019 Māori Housing Networking Staffing and Budget OIA Response 20 February 2019 Maori Housing Network Staffing and Budget PDF (102KB)
14/02/2019 11/02/2019 Papakāinga Housing OIA Response 11 February 2019 Papakāinga Housing PDF (108KB)
1/02/2018 1/02/2018 Māori Housing Network funds approved OIA response 1 February 2018 Maori Housing Network funds approved PDF (893KB)
15/01/2018 15/01/2018 Māori Digital Technology Fund applications and expenditure OIA response 15 January 2018 Māori Digital Technology Development Fund PDF (88KB)

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