Ngai Māori me Ngā Hua o te Mātauranga

Education and Employment

Māori with higher levels of qualifications are more likely to be employed. This is illustrated by trends in the employment rate, which reflects both the willingness to participate in the labour force and the ability to gain employment. The employment rate was significantly higher for Māori with tertiary qualifications than for those with fewer or no qualifications: 76.2 percent of working age4 Māori with tertiary qualifications were employed, compared with 66.8 percent of those with school qualifications, and 51.7 percent of those with no qualification in 2006.

Among Māori with tertiary qualifications, individuals with a higher level of tertiary qualification are more likely to be employed. In 2006, employment rates for Māori with tertiary qualifications at level 7 or above (85.2 percent) and levels 4 to 6 (77.1 percent) were higher than the rate for Māori with qualifications at levels 1 to 3 (64.6 percent).



4 Working age is those 15 years of age or older.

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