Te Pūtea Whakatipu Hauora 2019

Whānau wellbeing is at the heart of this year's Budget announcements for Māori.  The Māori Wellbeing Package supports whānau aspirations to live in a healthy home, develop their whenua, have increased access to employment opportunities and to revive te reo Māori.

To read a summary of the Wellbeing Budget for Māori, click here.

Whānau Ora

Each of the Whānau Ora Budget initiatives aim to continue to support the mana of whānau by empowering whānau to self-determine their own needs, goals and aspirations. Whānau Ora supports whānau to achieve a broad range of outcomes including employment, income and debt management, health, education and cultural connectedness. 

Whānau Ora Commissioning Agencies along with their Navigators have consistently and successfully built trusting relationships with whānau and communities, helping them set their goals and navigate the support and services they need that are improving and changing the lives of whānau around the country.

Te whakaū i te kaupapa o Whānau Ora i roto i ngā whare hauora

Researching a whānau centred approach to primary healthcare for Māori and Pacific whānau.


Expanding the Whānau Ora approach

Exploring opportunities for localised commissioning for Whānau Ora and developing the capabilities of navigators.


$35 million for Māori pathways in Corrections

Improving outcomes for Māori who are incarcerated by supporting their rehabilitation and reintegration.


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This initiative aims to support Māori landowners, trustees and whānau to realise their aspirations, whether they be social, cultural, environmental or economic. This will be done by providing funding for new and enhanced Māori Land Court services, a whenua knowledge hub and website, regional advisory support and investment.

Delivering for Māori and the whenua

As part of the Government’s Wellbeing Budget 2019, $56 million over four years will be invested into the development of whenua Māori.


Supporting whānau to achieve their whenua aspirations

The Government’s investment into whenua Māori will enable the development of a Whenua Knowledge Hub and website.  This initiative will support Māori landowners to achieve their whenua aspirations.


Oranga whenua, oranga whānau

To find out more about how we support whānau develop their whenua, visit our Whenua Māori webpage.


Te Reo Māori Revitalisation 

This funding will support the aspirations of Te Whare o Te Reo Mauriora, a partnership model developed as part of Te Ture mō Te Reo Māori 2016. This whare acknowledges that both Crown and Māori have a part to play in revitalising te reo Māori

The Maihi Māori – Investing in Māori language communities

Te Mātāwai has been allocated $6 million to support the restoration of te reo Māori as a nurturing first language.

Watch these videos to learn more about Te Mātāwai’s work.


Investing in Te Whare o Te Reo Mauriora

As part of the Crown’s commitment to te reo Māori, $33.84 million has been secured for the continued revitalisation of te reo Māori.
Out of that $33.84 million, $13.84m has been allocated to the Maihi Karauna.


Innovative Te Reo Māori Media Content

$14m has been allocated to support the development of innovative te reo Māori media content. This funding will increase engagement with te reo Māori across a range of media platforms.


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Kāinga Ora

This initiative aims to raise Māori intergenerational wellbeing by taking a whānau-led approach to addressing housing and wider community needs. This will be done by providing funding for Te Puni Kōkiri to invest in additional papakāinga (Māori collectively owned homes), housing repairs, and capability building programmes.

$40 million for papakāinga, financial capability and housing repairs

New Budget 2019 funding takes a whānau-led community development approach, using housing as an anchor for wider human, cultural and social benefits for whānau and community enterprises. 


Te Piringa Papakāinga, the journey home

Better housing has real intergenerational impacts on the health and wellbeing of whānau, particularly tamariki. More Papakāinga developments will support whānau in to new healthy and affordable rental homes.


Empowering whānau to realise their housing aspirations

Sorted Kāinga Ora workshops builds whānau financial capability to achieve their housing aspirations. Budget 2019 funding will allow 300 whānau to access these workshops.


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Oranga Marae

This initiative aims to revitalise the physical and cultural infrastructure of marae, and support marae to develop their capability and capacity to support emergency management responses in their local communities. This will be done through increasing funding to the Oranga Marae programme for marae development planning and implementation, and additional support for individual marae for emergency management planning and preparedness.

Wharekai opening at Waipapa Marae

The people of Ngāti Hikairo proudly opened their new wharekai at Waipapa Marae earlier this year.


Whānau-led marae development

As part of the Government’s approach to whānau-led development of marae, $12 million over four years has been set aside for Budget 2019. 


E whakatutuki ana I ngā wawata mō ngā marae

Oranga Marae supports the physical and cultural revitalisation of marae, as centres of Māori identity and mātauranga.


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This initiative aims to partner with employers to attract, retain and develop Māori employees in growth industries and occupations. This will be done through providing funding to employers to support the employment, development, and mentoring of Māori cadets, including gaining workplace and formal industry skills and qualifications, leadership training, and opportunities to progress to senior positions.

Growing jobs back home

Pūniu River Care Inc have created Marae-based employment opportunities through its native tree nursery operation.


Improving employment outcomes for Māori

With the support of Te Puni Kōkiri, The Māori Kitchen is developing four Māori cadets within the food industry.


Growing Māori leaders in new sectors

As part of the Government’s Wellbeing Budget 2019, $6 million has been set aside to improve employment outcomes for Māori through the Cadetships programme.


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