Whenua Māori

Whānau development through land is a key focus for Te Puni Kōkiri. It works with Māori and other government agencies to better support Māori land owners to make the most of their whenua.

Photo: Andrew Kendall ,Te Puna Tōpu ō Hokianga Trust

Whenua Māori Programme

A dedicated team in Te Puni Kōkiri is designing and establishing a range of services to better support whānau and owners of Māori freehold land.

This video gives insight into the Taitokerau Māori Forestry Collective, which is increasing the productive use of Māori-owned assets and increasing employment and skills in the region.

Budget 2018

As part of the Government’s commitment to fit-for-purpose services for Māori land owners, $7 million has been set aside for the Whenua Māori Programme.

The Whenua Māori Programme will partner with Māori to support Māori in governing, managing and growing their freehold land interests. In addition, whānau can be supported in their role as responsible stewards of their natural environment.

Whenua Knowledge

One of the key initiatives of the Whenua Māori Programme is the development of a Whenua Knowledge Hub and a website designed especially for whānau and Māori freehold land owners. Providing useful tools and knowledge is key to Māori making informed decisions about their whenua.

The Knowledge Hub will provide a wealth of information, digital tools and maps for Māori land owners on all aspects of land development. These valuable resources are due to be completed by the end of 2019.

WhenuaViz upgrade an important first step

In the meantime, Te Puni Kōkiri and Manaaki Whenua launched the enhanced Whenua Māori Visualisation Tool (WhenuaViz) in May 2019. You can view the media release here.

The improved website makes it easier for whānau to generate customised land summary reports and find valuable information about soil properties, climate data and potential land uses.

You can view the upgraded WhenuaViz website here.


Guide to using the WhenuaViz website

Our Whenua Māori stories

Keeping Mitimiti going one tree at a time

A collective of Māori land trusts in the north have collaborated with Te Puni Kōkiri and other partners to enhance their future in forestry and maximise the returns on their Māori freehold land. Their efforts are creating jobs for locals in small Far North settlements and setting an example for other Māori landowners interested in forestry. With high rates of Māori land underperforming, this is an example of how the Whenua Māori Programme can assist Māori landowners to develop their land. Read more

A man on a mission to bring people together

This projects links up Te Tai Hauāuru Iwi and Māori land owners with local and central government schemes and it identifies joint land development opportunities among local Māori land owners. This is a small-scale example of what could happen when the Whenua Māori Programme is up-and-running. Read more

Honeys of Te Urewera only the start

With the support of Te Puni Kōkiri, the Tūhoe Tuawhenua Trust has established and developed its Manawa Honey business deep in the Ruatāhuna Valley. The successful enterprise provides rewarewa, tāwari and mānuka honey to around 150 stores around the country. While there business is thriving, the Trust is keen to expand its business and investigate other ways to use their land. The Whenua Māori Programme could potentially assist this Trust in fulfilling its aspirations. Read more

Whenua Māori Fund

With the support of the Whenua Māori Fund, whānau Māori are exploring and fulfilling their aspirations for Māori freehold land. Read more

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