Matika – Moving the Māori Nation

Whānau, hapū and iwi Māori improve their lives through tinana (physical wellbeing), hinengaro (emotional wellbeing) and wairua (spiritual wellbeing).

Moving the Māori Nation promotes Whānau Ora through whakapakari tinana and is aimed at improving the wellbeing of whānau Māori

About the Matika - Moving the Māori Nation

The Matika – Moving the Māori Nation Fund (Matika) supports projects that focus on Māori holistic approaches to wellbeing, encompassing the three core aspects of tinana (physical wellbeing), hinengaro (emotional wellbeing) and wairua (spiritual wellbeing) through te ao Māori approaches.

Matika means to stand or rise. It is a call to Māori to be healthy and active and to take responsibility for their health and wellbeing as individuals, whanau, hapū and iwi Māori.

What the Matika - Moving the Māori Nation Fund invests in

The Fund supports projects that foster Māori wellbeing and connection to cultural pride and identity, tikanga and te reo by linking it to te ao Māori and mātauranga Māori. The Fund supports projects that demonstrate a clear pathway to broader Whānau Ora outcomes and life changing behaviours.

The Matika Fund focuses on projects that promote:

  • Rangatiratanga – Mātauranga Māori, activities that build cultural pride, identity and te reo Māori within a te ao Māori environment.
  • Whanaungatanga - activities that encourage whānau collaboration and resilience. These may be through whakapakari tinana including traditional Māori games or activities such as Ki-o-Rahi, Poi, Mau Rākau, Mamau, Mekemeke and Makimaki.
  • Oranga Māori – activities that promote holistic wellbeing as well as healthy eating habits.

The Fund does not support:

  • one–off events and related expenditure
  • capital expenditure including buildings and vehicles
  • events or activities that are deemed to be well established or business as usual
  • retrospective events/activities and projects
  • payment of existing debts
  • international travel and accommodation
  • medical bills, legal advice/court costs
  • kaitono administrative costs
  • consultant costs.

All activities must be based in New Zealand.


You can apply for funding if your organisation is a legal entity or if your application is made under the umbrella of a legal entity based in New Zealand.

You cannot apply for funding if you are:

  • Individuals, including sole traders
  • Common Law Trusts
  • Private Trusts
  • Family Trusts
  • Te Ture Whenua Māori Act Trusts (Whānau Kaitiaki, Putea, Ahu Whenua, Whenua Tōpū Trusts or Māori Reservation)
  • Government statutory entities, such as ministries, schools and health boards. These entities generally already receive funding directly from the government to achieve their purpose
  • Overseas organisations.

Also note, if you have previous or current funding arrangements with Te Puni Kōkiri, performance under those arrangements will be a relevant consideration for decisions relating to your application.

Application Form

Kaitono can find information about the fund, the Application Form and Guidelines here:

Download the Application Form [Word 430KB]

For local projects, send your completed application form to your nearest Te Puni Kōkiri regional office.

For national projects being delivered across New Zealand, send your completed application form to

Please note:

  • Your financial statements and any other required information outlined in the guidance material need to be provided with your application.
  • Projects must be completed by 7 June 2019.

More questions

For further information on the Fund, or if you are a provider focusing on improving Māori whānau wellbeing, please contact your nearest regional office to find out how the Fund may be able to help.

Our Matika Stories

Across Aotearoa whānau, hapū and iwi Māori are improving their lives through active participation and healthier lifestyles. Read more about the gains that are being made for whānau, hapū and iwi through the support of Matika – Moving the Māori Nation.

Waka ama programme promoting wellbeing for Tairāwhiti rangatahi and whānau

The six-week wellbeing programme provided 18 waka ama teams and their supporting whānau with nutrition, training, and wānanga activities that promoted healthy living, eco-living and cultural connectedness.


Tu Kaha Foundation partners with Te Puni Kōkiri to deliver values programme [Video]

Te Puni Kōkiri has partnered with Tu Kaha Foundation to deliver an educational values programme to rangatahi focusing on great decision-making and building resilient leaders through a purpose-built mobile classroom.


Tu Kaha mobile classroom changing the lives of rangatahi

"It's a mobile classroom. People in Tikitiki or Tolaga Bay or Ruatoki can't come to us, but we can go to them," says Pera Te Amo (Tūhoe, Ngāti Porou), owner and director of Complete Siteworks Limited, and founder of the mobile classroom.


Auckland tamariki are growing confidence and learning about healthy living through dance

Lleuarne Panoho spends her week dancing with tamariki from lower decile Auckland schools and it is making a difference to their confidence, self-identity and well-being.


Easing the pressure at Christmas

Having worked with Māori and Pacific communities in Christchurch for more than 21 years, He Waka Tapu knows that Christmas can be an extremely stressful time for whānau.


KOHAFIT - Change for Change

A new health awareness and fitness programme that encourages the achievement of group goals as a whānau rather than individually.


Whakatāne community step up to healthier lifestyle

150 participants from Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi and the Whakatāne community took up a healthier lifestyle challenge - Hikoi ki te Hauora – and won.


Age means nothing

Nineteen kaumātua from Ōrongomai Marae took on Kaumatua IronMaori in Napier this year some for the second time.


150 Take Up The Mātika Moving the Māori Nation Challenge

150 participants from Āwanui-a-rangi and the Whakatāne Community have launched Hikoi ki te Hauora 2017.


Māori Movement Fitness Programme Launched

A Ngāti Ranginui Iwi health programme is producing exciting spin-offs with the launch of a unique Māori fitness programme in Tauranga recently.


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