Hāwea-Wānaka Substitute Land Block

Published on Thursday, 11 February 2016

Are you Ngāi Tahu? You could be a beneficial land owner of the Hāwea-Wānaka block.

Hāwea-Wānaka Land Owners

View the list of beneficial owners.


The Māori Land Court have compiled a list of 1071 people who are to receive shares in the block of Hāwea-Wanaka Substitute Land. Te Puni Kōkiri are looking for all of the owners and their descendants and invites you to view the list of beneficial owners.

This land is to be vested back into descendants of Ngāi Tahu through share allocation. Any person/s vested with shares is encouraged to attend an owners meeting.

What happens next?

Owners meetings will be confirmed shortly to determine the future of the Hāwea-Wānaka land block. We need your updated contact details to let you know where and when these will be held.

Check or update your details

View the list of beneficial owners.

Email your contact details to hawea-wanaka@tpk.govt.nz to receive notifications as to where and when the owners meetings will be for the Hāwea-Wānaka substitute land block.

Please note that some beneficiaries are deceased, live in Australia or cannot be located, so your help on this matter is greatly appreciated. Also, please be advised if you are a descendant of a beneficiary who is now deceased, and you would like to apply for succession, please contact the Māori Land Court in regards to this matter.

Find out more

An overview of processes has been prepared to enable land owners of the Hāwea-Wānaka substitute block to determine the future for this block of land.

Read information sheet.

In 2011, there were three meetings held about the Hāwea-Wānaka land substitute land block in Blenheim, Christchurch and Invercargill.

Read a summary of the meetings.

Other Enquiries

Please contact hawea-wanaka@tpk.govt.nz


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