The Health of the Maori Language in Te Taitokerau 2006

Provision of Māori Language Services

The ability of people to develop their Māori language skills depends in part on opportunities to access te reo. The HML 2006 Survey gathered information on Māori radio and television, which shows that access rates and listening rates are high. Nearly all Māori adults in Te Taitokerau have access to Māori radio and television.

Eighteen percent of Māori adults are learning te reo to some degree. This is a high percentage, and reflects the positive disposition Māori have towards the language.

There are around 1,300 Māori children attending te reo based early childhood services in Te Taitokerau.

Schools in the region provide for around 3,200 Māori children learning in te reo to some degree. This is 23% of the Māori student population in Te Taitokerau.

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