Māori Immersion Education for your Child

Kia mōhio noa koe - What to expect

Kura Māori aim to provide a unique learning environment that encourages children to value their identity as Māori and become lifelong learners. It may be different from what you know about other school settings, so here’s a taste of what you can expect when you enrol your child in a kura Māori:

  • your child and whānau will likely be welcomed to the kura with a pōhiri or whakatau (less formal welcoming ceremony)
  • your child will be taught in te reo Māori so will likely receive homework that is in te reo Māori
  • there will be an expectation that you will speak Māori at all times while at the kura, or if you cannot speak Māori, that you will refrain from speaking English at the kura
  • some kura will have designated areas where it is okay to speak English
  • your child will be taught in the nine curriculum learning areas (see page 4) and will also learn through kapa haka, sport and recreation and ngā mahi a rēhia
  • English will be taught as a subject. Ask the kura when they introduce it
  • you can expect your child’s teacher to keep in touch with you about your child’s progress and to notify you as soon as possible if they have any concerns about your child’s development
  • there will be an expectation of you to help your child get to school every day and on time.

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