Te Ripoata Ohanga Māori mō Te Waiariki: Report on the Māori Asset Base in the Waiariki Economy – An Economic Growth Strategy for a Sustainable Future

Māori economic development is historically concentrated in the primary industries and is driven by land ownership. An informed understanding of the current value and growth potential of the Maori asset base provides a strong foundation for strategic decisions, relationships and alliances to anchor Māori as key drivers of economic change within Aotearoa and globally.

The present strength of Māori in the Waiariki rohe is their asset base. This document demonstrates at a broad level, the significance of Māori in the economic development of the Waiariki rohe, and the role Māori can play in influencing economic change and direction in this community. The document examines the Waiariki asset base from a strategic viewpoint emphasising the economic value of collectively owned Māori assets within the rohe, and the economic opportunities these assets present.

The document also contains a demographic profile of the Māori population at a regional and territorial authority level.

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