Guidelines for Flying the National Māori Flag

Recognising a National Māori Flag

In January 2009, the Minister of Māori Affairs publicly called for a Māori flag to be flown from the Auckland Harbour Bridge on Waitangi Day.

At that time, the Prime Minister signalled his willingness to support flying a Māori flag alongside the New Zealand flag from the Auckland Harbour Bridge and other government buildings on Waitangi Day, and proposed that the Minister of Māori Affairs undertake consultation with Māori to secure their agreement on a preferred flag.

The Consultation Process

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Over July and August 2009, twenty-one public hui were held nationwide, and written and online submissions were invited from Māori and other interested New Zealanders. Four flags of national significance were identified for consideration as the preferred national Māori flag: the New Zealand flag; the New Zealand Red Ensign; the national (United Tribes of New Zealand) flag; and the Māori (Tino Rangatiratanga) flag.

You can download a copy of the information brochure that was published for the national Māori flag consultation [PDF, 1MB].



Over 1,200 submissions were received, with 79% of submitters identifying themselves as Māori. Of the total submissions, 80.1% selected the Māori (Tino Rangatiratanga) flag as the preferred national Māori flag.


On 14 December 2009, Cabinet recognised the Māori (Tino Rangatiratanga) flag as the preferred national Māori flag, and noted that it will complement the New Zealand flag. The flag will fly on buildings and other sites of national significance on Waitangi Day.


These guidelines have been developed by Te Puni Kōkiri and the Ministry for Culture and Heritage to provide information to Ministers and officials about flying the national Māori flag. The Guidelines provide information about the national Māori flag, and specify how the national Māori flag should be positioned in relation to the New Zealand flag in various situations.

Last modified: 11/01/2010