About Us

Who We Are

Te Puni Kōkiri, the Ministry for Māori Development, leads Māori Public Policy and advises on policy affecting Māori wellbeing.

We are the only government department solely focused on Māori, and the principal advisor on Government-Māori relationships. We monitor policy and legislation, and we provide government with high quality policy advice.

We strive for Māori to enjoy a better quality of life – Māori succeeding as Māori, achieving a sustainable level of success as individuals, in organisations and in collectives, at home and globally.

We recognise the importance of Māori achieving success without compromising what it means to be Māori. Our investments in Māori development build resources.

We build and maintain close and interactive connections with Māori, through our strong network of regional offices. We cultivate information and knowledge, even while we interpret and represent the many dimensions of contemporary Māori culture.

Te Puni Kōkiri is 'a group moving forward together' to realise Māori potential.

Last modified: 21/08/2014