Ā mātou kaupapa

Our work and priorities for Māori

The work of Te Puni Kōkiri is underpinned by four outcome areas which support our vision of iwi, hapū, and whānau Māori succeeding as Māori.

Ka totō te puna i Taumarere, ka mimiti te puna i Hokianga. Ka mimiti te puna i Taumarere, ka totō te puna i Hokianga.

When the spring at Taumarere overflows, the spring at Hokianga ebbs. When the spring at Taumarere ebbs, the spring at Hokianga overflows. (Taumarere (Bay of Islands) is on the East and Hokianga on the West; what happens to one influences the other)

Whakapapa (Identity)

Māori language, culture and values holding a place at the centre of Māori and Aotearoa New Zealand identity.

Oranga (Wellbeing)

Māori New Zealanders being confident of enjoying both opportunities and outcomes that are equal to those of all New Zealanders.

Whairawa (Prosperity)

High performing people, assets and enterprises creating a thriving Māori economy.

Whanaungatanga (Relationships)

The Crown and iwi Māori experiencing genuine engagement and productive, enduring relationships.


Crown - Iwi, hapū, whānau Māori relations

For the Crown to have genuine engagement and productive relationships with Māori. Includes current consultations.

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State Sector effectiveness

An effective State Sector to support Māori aspirations.

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Cultural wealth

For Māori to be secure, confident and expert in their own language and culture.

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Skills and learning

For Māori to be skilled, learned and innovative.

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Economic wealth

For Māori economic wealth to thrive through high performing people, assets and enterprises

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